When should you reevaluate your auto insurance?

Most states require drivers to carry auto insurance. You will most likely pay for your auto insurance every six months or every year. When your auto premium comes due, you will be sent a declaration page. This page includes all the important information about your policy. If you are not looking at it when it arrives, you are missing out. At Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH we try to make sure our customers understand their coverage, and we work with them to make sure they have the coverage they need. 

When you get your declaration page

One of the best times to review your auto insurance is when you get your declaration page. It tells you the amount of coverage you have, the types of coverage you have, the drivers who are on your policy, and the vehicles that are covered. Take a minute to look at the figures. Your liability coverage is one of the most important coverages you have; make sure that it is adequate. Your deductible is also shown and if you are feeling that you might like to lower your premium, you may want to raise your deductible. 

When you need to add or remove a driver

In most families, people may be on the auto policy for some period of time and when they move out or grow up, they may get their own auto insurance policy. If you have children aging into drivers, you may want to take a good look at all your coverage. 

When you add or remove a car

Cars come and go on your insurance policy. When you are making changes, it is a good time to take a look at the coverage you have. Do you need to add or remove collision and comprehensive coverage? 

If you are in the market for auto insurance, give Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH a call or stop by our office. 

5 Benefits Of Whole Life Insurance Policies

Ruddy Insurance Group provides coverage to the Niles OH community. Our primary goal is to make sure that our clients are protected in any situation. We are passionate about helping people. We will analyze your personal situation and help you find the right policy for your individual needs.

5 Benefits Of Whole Life Insurance Policies

While you may be enjoying a comfortable life in Niles, OH, you should consider the future. Take time to think about the future of your assets and how you’d like things to be handled when you’re gone. Consider the benefits of life insurance. Life insurance covers your assets and helps make sure that your loved ones have a foundation to lean on after you have passed away. One of the more common policies is whole life insurance. Whole life insurance provides coverage throughout your entire lifetime. Here is a look at the 5 benefits of whole life insurance.

Fixed Coverage

Whole life policies provide fixed coverage. This should give you peace of mind as you age. You have the security that things will be in place.

Your Assets Are Protected

Your assets are protected under the terms of the policy. Whole life coverage also allows your loved ones to receive access to your assets in a timely manner.

Potential Growth

Whole life insurance allows your assets to accumulate growth over the course of the policy. This can be beneficial in a few years.

Help With The Burial Process

One of the most uncomfortable things regarding your passing is the burial process. Your loved ones can use the policy to help cover the burial process.

Comfortable Lifestyle

Whole life insurance can help your loved ones enjoy some comfort as they deal with your passing. Your assets can be used to help operate a business or send your children to college.

Ruddy Insurance Group Will Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about life insurance.

Who needs home insurance in Niles?

In the Niles, OH area, owning a home can be a preferred form of housing. Those that are property owners will benefit from having a stable place to live and will also likely see their home values increase as the years go by. If you do buy a property when you are here, you likely need to get insurance for it. There are situations when someone will need to get a home insurance plan in place.

When Trying to Protect Home

A common situation when someone will need to get home insurance in the Niles area is when they want to protect their property. With a home insurance plan, you will get the coverage that can be used to repair your property if it is damaged by a storm, fire, vandalism, or other situations that results in a loss. In many cases, this form of coverage is also required by a mortgage lender as it ensures their collateral is protected.

When Looking for Liability Coverage

You will also want to get a home insurance plan when you want to get liability protection. Property owners in Ohio should always take their liability risks seriously. Those that are property owners will take on liability risk on a daily basis. The best way that someone can mitigate this risk is by getting an appropriate home insurance plan as it will contain a liability risk provision.

Property owners in Niles, OH would clearly benefit by getting a home insurance plan. If you are in the market for an insurance policy here, you should call the Ruddy Insurance Group. The team of professionals at the Ruddy Insurance Group understands how important and valuable this coverage is. They can help you further assess your needs and build a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

Things to Consider When Purchasing Snowmobile Insurance

You’ve just obtained a snowmobile and can’t wait to hit the trail. You’ve invested in the snowmobile, riding gear, and accessories. Protect your investment with sufficient insurance. Whether you’re renting a sled or you own one, here are things to consider before obtaining insurance. If you are renting, you will most likely have to purchase your insurance through the rental agency. The agents at Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH, want to help you obtain the appropriate coverage for your snowmobile adventures.

Know exactly what your homeowner’s policy covers if anything. If your sled is covered, coverage may end as soon as you exit your property. The make, model, and age of your sled all factor into your snowmobile insurance rate. The insurance provider will also consider your driving history. Other considerations include the driving record of other people who use the snowmobile. The locations where you ride also help determine your rates. Ohio requires a valid driver’s license to operate a snowmobile. Be aware, some trail parks, and some states, require snowmobile riders to have insurance.

If you transport your snowmobile to your riding spot, you may want coverage when your snowmobile is on your trailer. Storage is another aspect to consider. Where do you store your snowmobile? Whether you keep it in the same place all year or store it somewhere else during the warmer months may make a difference to the insurance provider. If you know you only use your snowmobile during certain months, we may be able to find a policy that adjusts for that situation. 

Call the Ruddy Insurance Group Today

Call the Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH, to learn more about snowmobile insurance or book an appointment. Our agents have experience with snowmobile insurance. We want to keep you and your sled protected. Meet with one of our independent agents now. 

Things to Consider When Shopping For Boat Insurance

If you invest in something as expensive as a boat, you want to make sure that your precious possession is properly protected. The best way to do it is to get boat insurance. This type of insurance may be confusing, which makes it hard for boat owners to find and pick the right policy. In order to help you make an informed decision, Ruddy Insurance Group serving Niles, OH has prepared a list of things you should consider:

  • It is not required by law to carry boat insurance in the state of Ohio. However, it is still recommended to have it. 
  • There are certain factors that may affect the cost of your boat insurance, including where you plan to boat (in-country or out-of-country, freshwater or saltwater, coastal or inland), type of boat, suspension (it is possible to suspend your policy during the off-season), and available discounts (good boating and driving record or taking a boating class for example). 
  • Traditionally, most standard boat insurance policies cover the following: property damage liability (if you crash into someone else’s watercraft or boat, or destroy someone’s property while operating the boat), collision damage (repairs and replacement of your boat), engine damage, and body damage liability (this coverage protects you if you hurt someone while operating the boat). 
  • Standard boat insurance policies do not cover additional equipment and accessories unless they are specifically stated in the policy. These accessories and equipment include life jackets, GPS systems, boat modifications, anchors, and some others. 

If you are a responsible boat owner, one of the first things you should consider after getting a boat is boat insurance. It will protect your boat, yourself, and other people. Moreover, it will give you peace of mind. If you are currently looking for boat insurance but you still have questions and do not know where to start, Ruddy Insurance Group serving clients from Niles, OH will be glad to help you. Do not hesitate to give us a call – our experienced insurance agents will answer all your questions. 

Required Auto Insurance in Ohio

All drivers in Ohio are required to have auto insurance on their vehicles. State law also makes it illegal for the owner of a vehicle to have someone else drive the vehicle if it is not insured. Proof of suitable auto insurance has to be shown anytime someone asks for it. This may be vehicle inspectors or police officers at accidents or traffic stops. If you don’t have your auto insurance in place, call us at Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

Your auto coverage must meet the mandatory minimum coverage for the injury or death of one person and another amount for the injury or death of more than one person. It also requires a specific minimum of coverage for property damage that is caused by an accident. 

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is not mandatory in the state of Ohio, but it is an extremely helpful policy type to have. With this coverage, the damage to your own vehicle is covered, not just your liability. If you were in an accident and had severe damage to your vehicle, this saves you from having to pay for everything out of your own pocket. 

Auto Insurance in Ohio

If you do not yet have auto coverage, or you want to increase the amount you have, give us a call at Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH. You can make an appointment to talk with an agent about your auto insurance needs. Your agent can specify to you exactly the amounts that the law requires you to have in coverage as well as talk to you about suggested coverage that could make a big difference to your future. 

What type of life insurance is right for me?

In the Niles, OH area, the average person will have a lot of different insurance needs. One form of insurance that continues to be very valuable for anyone here is life insurance. If you are in the market for life insurance, there are several forms of coverage to consider. It is important to consider the advantages of both term and whole life coverage, which continue to be among the most popular forms of life insurance.

Term Life Insurance

One of the most common forms of life insurance continues to be term life insurance. When you get into a term life insurance policy, you are able to build a policy that meets your individual needs. This will include providing you with coverage for a specific period of time and for the amount of life insurance that you need to protect the beneficiaries. For a lot of people, this also tends to be a more affordable option when compared to other types of insurance. 

Whole Life Insurance

Another popular life insurance option is to get whole life insurance. When you choose a whole life policy, you can keep the coverage for as long as you want as there are no term limitations. While the monthly payments tend to be higher, some of your premium payments will build in an account that will grow with interest. In the future, you could then liquidate this account. Many use this form of insurance as a conservative investment option as well. 

When you are looking for a new life insurance policy in the Niles, OH area it is important that you receive some guidance and support from someone that you can trust. The team at the Ruddy Insurance Group could be a great source of information for you. When you call Ruddy Insurance Group they can answer your questions and help you find the best policy for your situation. 

5 Home Insurance Terms You Need to Know

Understanding Your Homeowners Policy

Your basic homeowners can seem a little complex plus other riders and additional insurance can make it overwhelming. Your agent should be experienced and able to help you understand key terminology and what you really need to know. Once you have a grasp of common terms, your homeowners will be a breeze to understand and speak with your agent about.

At Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH, we take time to listen to our clients. Our agents want to get you the best coverage at the most affordable price for your home insurance. When you get coverage with us, you can be sure we will be on your side in the event of claims and emergencies.

Some Common Terms

It can get overwhelming learning all the fine print of your policy, but luckily there are some key terms that are easy to understand. Here are some important terms you are likely to hear and what they mean:

  • Premium – One of the most common terms. This is what you pay an insurer to cover your home. 
  • Rider – These are typically separate from your main policy and cover particular property. 
  • Declarations page – This discusses your annual premium and gives an outline of your coverage.
  • Exclusion – These are items, conditions, or property not covered by your policy. Be sure to discuss what is excluded from your agent.
  • Actual-Cash-Value – As it states, this is the actual value of the items before they were destroyed.

Quality Homeowners Insurance in Niles, OH

Contact Ruddy Insurance Group in the Niles, OH area today to discuss your options for homeowner’s insurance as well as any other coverage you may be interested in. Our agents have years of experience helping customers like you get the best coverage at the most affordable prices. Give us a call today.

Is classic car insurance mandatory in Niles, OH?

Are you lucky enough to own a classic car in Niles, OH? Congratulations! To some people, an antique car is some old fragile fashioned metal, but to car enthusiasts, an antique is anything but fragile. In fact, it is one of the most valuable cars you will ever own. Wait! Did you know that classic cars appreciate in value? Well, this should be a reason enough for you to buy classic car insurance, and Ruddy Insurance Group can help you secure a policy based on your budget, needs, and style.

Is classic car insurance mandatory?

Before answering this question, it is critical to understand that a classic car is no ordinary car. In most cases, the typical auto insurance may not be adequate to protect such an investment.  We are talking about cars manufactured in the 50s and are still in their best condition–generally cars that are older than 20 years. Classic cars appreciate, unlike modern cars that lose value immediately, they hit the road. With that said, classic car insurance is not mandatory, but necessary if you want to protect them from loss, damage, or theft.

What are the coverages offered?

Most antique car coverages go beyond the basic auto insurance policy. These are cars just like the rest, only that they are durable and more expensive. So, if you regularly use your car for shopping, vacations, or commercial purposes, you may need to buy auto insurance coverages such as property damage liability, bodily injury liability, personal injury protection, uninsured and underinsured motorist a collision coverages.  As mentioned earlier, this is not enough to protect such a valuable asset., So, you will need other coverages such as spare parts coverage, towing and special repair, restoration, and inspection coverage.

Let Ruddy Insurance Group help you protect what matters to you. Feel free to speak to our agents about classic car insurance, and they will be happy to respond.

Who needs an Ohio renters insurance policy?

Those that are living in the Niles, OH area will have a lot of different housing options to consider. One type of housing option that is ideal for many people is to rent your own home. When you rent a property, you will have more flexibility and fewer maintenance obligations. However, it is still important that you get a quality insurance policy before moving into your new home. There are several situations when someone will need a renters insurance policy. 

When Trying to Comply with Lease

One situation when you will need to get a renters insurance policy is when you want to comply with the terms of your lease. Most landlords today want to ensure that their tenants are properly covered by insurance. In most situations, they will have direct insurance requirements and will expect that you provide evidence of insurance coverage before you start the term of your lease. 

When Looking for Coverage

Even if you are not required by a landlord to get this insurance, you should still get renter’s insurance coverage when you want to receive protection for yourself. A renters insurance policy will offer many forms of insurance coverage including protection that covers your personal items and offers liability protection. This can be extremely valuable coverage that makes it well worth the investment. 

As you are looking to move into a new home in Niles, OH, and need to get a renters insurance policy, it is important that you speak with the team at the Ruddy Insurance Group. When you call the Ruddy Insurance Group you are going to learn more about the benefits of this form of insurance coverage. This will help to ensure that you receive all of the benefits that come with this form of insurance.