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Ohio classic car insurance coverage

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Classic Car Insurance in Ohio & Pennsylvania

What to know about Classic Car Insurance

A “Classic car” is a classification of a vehicle that is at least 25 years old, falling under the umbrella term “collector cars.” As such, classic cars have their own specific insurance needs and requirements. Unlike the vehicles we drive daily, the value of vintage vehicles increases over time, so the bare minimum auto coverage is not sufficient for your classic.

Classic car insurance is not one-size-fits-all. Factors such as year, make, and model, annual miles driven, as well as any customizations or modifications to your vehicle will determine whether your vintage vehicle will qualify for classic auto insurance. For you to qualify for classic car insurance, you must also own a car for regular use.

Your Ohio or Pennsylvania insurance provider may assign a mileage limit, limiting how many miles your vintage car can be driven. It is best to drive your classic fewer than 5000 miles annually, to avoid depreciation. You may also be required to store your vehicle in a secure, private storage space to reduce the likelihood of damage or theft.

As with any vehicle in operation, classic cars are required to carry a minimum amount of insurance in the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania. These numbers will vary between the two states but will require minimums for bodily injury, property damage, and more. As always, remember to carry a copy of your proof of insurance in your vehicle at all times and obey all traffic and safety laws.

At Ruddy Insurance Group, we understand how important your vintage vehicle is to you. Classic cars are a labor of love and a long-term commitment. We encourage you to shop around to find the best coverage to protect your investment.

Please call or make an appointment with us to discuss classic car coverage or use our online rating tool to find a quote on auto or home insurance. Members of our outstanding team are here to assist you. We will gladly discuss any questions you have.


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