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Recreational Insurance in Ohio & Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania and Ohio, people like their homes on wheels. Recreational insurance is all about making sure you’re safe and covered when you’re out with your RV, camper, fifth wheel, or other recreational vehicles. Here is what we at the Ruddy Insurance Group want you to know about recreational insurance in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Why Do You Need Recreational Insurance?

Any motorhome or recreational vehicle is technically two different types of things in one. You need coverage for the vehicle itself, as much as you would with typical auto insurance.

However, these vehicles also require coverage for the dwelling part of the vehicle as well. Whether you live in your vehicle or only use it for the occasional trip, you’ll want to protect it and the things inside it.

What Type of Recreational Insurance do you Need?

Choosing the proper recreational insurance will depend on your specific needs and activities. What you do or plan to do with your recreational vehicle matters. For example, there’s a difference between someone who want to travel across the country in their motorhome and someone who takes a camper out for the weekend.

Equally, someone living in an RV park will have different needs from someone who runs a business from the road. With that said, you should cover everything you comfortably can. Start with the required coverage but look for what else you need to protect.

What Are the Minimum Recreational Insurance Requirements?

Recreational insurance requirements in Pennsylvania and Ohio typically depend on the type of vehicle you’re using. Like any vehicle, if you’re going to drive it, then you need liability coverage.

If you’re still financing your vehicle, you will likely need full coverage. If the recreational part of your vehicle is towable, such as with a fifth wheel, the insurance options can vary. Your class of vehicle can also play a role in your coverage requirements.

Since so many variables exist, it’s crucial you make the right choice. The Ruddy Insurance Group wants you to make the right choice. Whether you’re staying in Pennsylvania or Ohio or traveling, contact us to get a quote and for your recreational insurance needs.


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