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Community Cause

Community Cause

Protecting Orphaned Animals in Ohio

According to current data, the euthanasia rate for sheltered pets in the state of Ohio is skyrocketing. The national average for most shelters in the nation is 64%, which we think is still far too high, but some shelters in Ohio are reporting euthanasia rates as high as 80%! These animals only want a new home, but 4 out of 5 of them never make it out of the shelter.

Our agency finds this news disturbing, and we are announcing a campaign to help provide new homes for local animals and to bring down euthanasia rates in our area.

Ambassadors for Animal Guardianship

As #AgentsofChange network Regional Ambassadors for the Youngstown area, the Ruddy Insurance Group is proud to fight on behalf of the orphaned, abused, and mistreated animals in our community. Our goals during this campaign will be to reduce euthanasia by finding new homes for orphaned animals, supporting community education programs that promote responsible pet ownership, and encouraging all pet parents to take advantage of spaying and neutering services.

There are thousands of orphaned, abused, and neglected animals in our area, and we need your assistance if we’re going to reach them all.

Be Part of the Ruddy Team!

The easiest and most important way you can help this campaign is to introduce us to your friends, neighbors, and loved ones by inviting them into your nearest Ruddy Insurance Group office for a free insurance consultation. During the visit, we will provide them with more information on this campaign. After they leave, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a regional support program that works to safeguard local animals.

We Look Forward to Working Together

This is your chance to join a professional team of animal lovers who are serious about protecting animals. Join us, and let’s help as many as we can!


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