Car Insurance 101 – Eight Terms you Need to Know

Understanding insurance concepts or terms is a smart way to ensure you select the right coverage, find the most cost-effective policies, and avoid surprises. The insurance professionals at Ruddy Insurance Group can help you understand the available ways to protect your family and home in and around the greater Niles, OH, area.


A premium is the ongoing cost of maintaining the insurance policy and coverage.


The dollar amount the policyholder pays before the insurance company pays for related damages.  

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance pays for damages that may be caused by an accident if it results in someone’s injury or damage to their property.  

Comprehensive Coverage

This insurance protection will cover the cost to repair a car after it collides with an animal or various non-collision events, which include –

  • Car theft.
  • Falling objects.
  • Fire and more.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance reimburses the insured for repair expenses of the insured vehicle if the insured causes a crash or is responsible for a one-car accident.

Additional Insured

This refers to the other family members covered under the policyholder’s insurance.  

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

This refers to the coverage available for medical expenses & lost wages for the driver and passengers in an accident.  

Insurance Claim

A payment request to the insurance company for medical costs or vehicle repairs.  

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Insurance offers adequate protection. Understanding the terms related to insurance simplifies the process and helps you get the coverage you need. The insurance professionals at Ruddy insurance group are ready to help if you live or work in the Niles, OH area. Give us a call at 330-652-0202 or reach out online.