Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast in Niles, OH? Everyone loves to ride, but sometimes you can’t control the weather. As responsible motorists, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety when unexcepted weather conditions arrive. Ruddy Insurance Group is an insurance agency that wants to share some essential tips for driving your motorcycle in the rain. Follow these tips to reduce the chances of an accident.

Best Practices For Driving A Motorcycle In The Rain

Every rider, regardless of experience level, should follow these safety tips when it rains. Before getting on the road, check your tires to ensure they’re the correct tread depth. Compromised tires can make it easier for your motorcycle to hydroplane on wet surfaces.

  • Decrease speed– It’s essential to bring your riding speed down as the visibility worsens. It can be more challenging for other drivers to see motorcycles when it rains.
  • Avoid hard turning– Jerking the motorcycle hard, either way, can cause you to lose control.
  • Wear the right gear– Waterproof jackets and bright colors are critical for riding in the rain. A waterproof jacket will help keep you dry and prevent your body from getting too cold. Wearing bright colors can improve your visibility to other drivers on the road.
  • Maintain a safe distance– Increase the distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Wet roads often result in longer braking distances. Giving yourself ample space can prevent accidents caused by sudden stops.

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