Taking your classic car out on the road? Double check your insurance protection first

If you are a classic car enthusiast in Niles, OH, or the surrounding area, Ruddy Insurance Group is here to help with all of your insurance needs. We understand how much effort goes into acquiring and maintaining a classic car, and we want to help you protect it! Contact our office to find out more. 

Appropriate protection for your classic car

Before you take your classic car out on the road, be sure that it is properly insured. Unlike other vehicles, classic cars are often a major financial investment. Another difference is that they are typically not a primary transportation vehicle. This means that you probably don’t drive your classic car as often as your other vehicles.

Many classic car owners only use these vehicles for Sunday drives or to participate in classic car shows. Whichever end of the spectrum you find your use, it’s important to have appropriate protection for your classic car. Now is an ideal time to take out your classic car insurance policy and give it a full review.

When selecting a classic car policy, you will want to consider the value of the car, how often it is driven, and where it is stored. These factors can all impact your decision about which policy is right for your needs. Don’t think of this policy in the same way that you think of your regular auto insurance policy, as they are quite different.  

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