Common Perils that Affect Boats

While boat insurance is not required for people living in Niles, OH, your lender may require you to obtain a policy when there is an outstanding lien on your vessel. Even when your watercraft is paid off, indemnifying your investment can protect you against out-of-pocket expenses that may occur. 

Your boat can suffer loss while parked on your property due to weather events, for example, that create high winds and hurl projectiles at great speed. Falling tree branches may also cause problems, and these can also affect expensive accessories or custom features. Hail may dent the body of the vessel or can break the windshield and other vulnerable components. 

While in storage, a boat can be susceptible to burning if the building housing it catches fire. Subsequently, water damage can also be incurred through efforts to put out the flames. They may also develop rot or molding issues while kept indoors. 

It cannot be assumed that homeowners insurance will automatically extend to a boat kept at home, and your Ruddy Insurance Group representative can provide more information on what would be covered. 

Boats may be involved in traffic accidents when being transported over land. In addition, they can be wrecked while out at sea, and it is your responsibility to make provision for any repairs or medical costs another party may need as a result if you are at fault. Passengers can slip or fall while sailing, and these injuries may require attention from a professional. 

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