What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

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Classic car insurance in Ohio, like in many other states, provides specialized coverage tailored to the specific needs you and other classic car owners may have. A classic car insurance policy is different from a standard auto insurance policy since classic cars have a unique value, and they are used and driven differently than regular vehicles.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Similar to regular auto insurance, classic car insurance provides you with auto liability coverage as well as comprehensive and collision for the times that you are driving your vehicle out on the streets and highways. It is the amount of insurance that is different from regular vehicles because most vehicles depreciate as soon as you drive them off the car lot. This is not true of classic cars since they actually increase in value over time. If a natural disaster, fire, or vandalism occurs and destroys your classic car or is just stolen, you will receive an amount for your classic car that was predetermined and agreed upon when you created your policy.

Keep in mind that classic car insurance dictates a specific mileage restriction. In the state of Ohio, classic car insurance policies will limit the annual mileage that you can drive your classic car. This is due to the fact that your classic car should only be used for things like weekend cruises and car shows versus daily commuting or running to the grocery store.

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