Five Reasons to Buy an RV

Have you ever considered buying an RV, hitting the highway, and exploring the beauty and diversity of the United States? If so, before buying, consider these five reasons to buy an RV offered by the insurance professionals at Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH:

An RV Offers Tremendous Flexibility

When you vacation in an RV, freedom is always an option because you don’t have to worry about finding a hotel or a rigid itinerary. This allows you to explore new places, forgetting about check-in/check-out times.

You Can Bring Along All Members of the Family

An RV vacation allows you to avoid the expense of a pet hotel while allowing the family to travel together. If you take your furry family member, consider where they will sleep and how to manage them when you engage in none pet-friendly activities.

It Has All the Comforts of Home

With an RV, your travel and sleeping arrangements offer all the comforts of home – and you can take along any size bottle of shampoo!

It Can Be Cost Effective

RVs are budget-friendly as they avoid hotel fees and the need to eat each meal out. Plus, you can likely eat healthier when cooking your own food.

You Can Take Along Other Toys on Vacation

An RV allows you to hitch a trailer with your favorite toys – a boat, four-wheeler, etc. If you tow your car, you can easily navigate cities and towns to restock food supplies.

For information on protecting your RV, the insurance specialists at Ruddy Insurance Group are ready to help if you live or work in the Niles, OH area. Give us a call at 330-652-0202 or reach out online.

Three Tips to Keep Your Passengers Safe on an RV Road Trip

Taking an RV trip is a great way to see the country and spend time with family or friends. However, being aware of the safety hazards of driving an RV is essential. Here are three tips from Ruddy Insurance Group of Niles, OH to help keep your passengers safe on your next RV road trip.

Do not distract the driver.

Distracting the RV driver can be dangerous because it takes their attention away from the road. Even if the driver is not looking at the passenger, they may still be distracted by the conversation. This can lead to accidents.

Stay seated when the RV is in motion.

Passengers should stay seated when the RV is in motion for several reasons. First, it is a safety precaution in case the RV hits a bump or makes a sudden stop. Second, depending on the size and weight distribution of the vehicle, it helps keep the RV stable and prevents it from tipping over. Finally, it is more comfortable for passengers to stay seated rather than standing or moving around while the RV is in motion.

Be aware of the safety limitations of your RV.

When traveling in an RV, passengers need to be aware of the safety limitations of the vehicle. It is important to wear seatbelts when available and to limit the use of the bathroom while the car is driving. This is because RVs are not as stable as other vehicles on the road and can be more prone to accidents, which can be more dangerous to unsecured passengers.

Ruddy Insurance Group offers RV insurance in Niles, OH to protect your investment on the open road. Whether you are a full-time RVer or enjoy the occasional weekend getaway, we have the coverage options to suit your needs.

Benefits of RV Insurance

RV ownership in Niles, OH provides you with the freedom to explore the fascinating sceneries of Ohio. When you acquire prolific RV insurance from Ruddy Insurance Group serving the region of Niles, OH and its environs, you can enjoy your travel stress-free, knowing that yourself and your asset are protected.RV insurance provides solidified protection for your travel trailer, motorhome including your horse trailer in Niles OH. Let Ruddy Insurance Group help you tailor the proper coverage for your RV needs and enjoy an affordable price at the same time. By investing in magnificent RV insurance, you will also accrue the following benefits:

Protect your asset

Owning an RV is an expensive undertaking. It’s a crucial investment, just like purchasing a home. Unluckily, perils like hail, fire and theft can pose a great risk to one of your precious investments. By acquiring prolific RV insurance from a licensed insurance company, repairs or replacement of your RV will be covered, preventing you from paying out-of-pocket.

Liability protection

Liability insurance in your RV policy can come to your rescue if you cause property damage and bodily injuries with your RV to other parties. Your RV insurance in Niles OH might also safeguard you from risks such as accident liabilities, lawsuits and claims.

Covers you and your passenger’s medical costs.

RV insurance instills you peace of mind due to guaranteed protection for you or your passengers boarding your RV during a road trip to any part of the countryside. If you have procured medical payment coverage, it caters to reasonable and necessary medical expenses for you and your passengers in case of an accident.

Protecting your belongings

With magnificent RV insurance, you can shield your possessions such as sporting gear and other possessions while you are in transit. The personal effects coverage will shield your belongings from impending perils and losses that occur while on vacation with your RV.

Do you own a motor home or a horse trailer in Niles, OH without RV insurance? Don’t compromise your safety and that of your RV. Call or visit our Ruddy Insurance Group offices to get detailed information about RV insurance matching your needs and budget.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For RV Insurance

So, you have finally purchased the recreational vehicle that you have been dreaming about. The next step for you will be to insure your precious possession to protect it from the unexpected. However, before you get a certain RV insurance policy, there are certain things you need to consider: 

Type of a Vehicle

There are three types of RV: Class A, B, C. Class A are the large mobile homes that are usually the most expensive to insure. Class B is very similar to a standard automobile and is often called a camper van. Class C is a medium-sized hybrid – something between a camper and a car.  It is important to know that type of your RV because it is one of the factors affecting your insurance cost. 

The Way You Use Your RV

Do you use it as a vehicle for traveling several times a year, or do you live in it full-time? If your RV is your actual home, then you may need to get liability insurance that covers the incidents that standard home insurance does. Liability insurance includes protection if someone is injured in your RV or if your personal belongings are destroyed by fire. 

The Age and Condition of Your RV 

It is essential to know that insurance for the same RV model will be different depending on the age and condition of the recreational vehicle. For example, the older your RV is, the less you have to pay for insurance. 

Finding the right coverage for your mobile home is not the most straightforward task – there are many things and factors to consider. However, if you are from Niles, OH, or any other surrounding area, Ruddy Insurance Group is ready to assist you and help you to make the most informed decision. Give Ruddy Insurance Group a call today to figure out how we can help to protect your house on wheels. 

Who Is Responsible if my RV is Damaged by Another Vehicle in a Campground?

RV owners in Niles, OH need to make sure their RVs and other recreational vehicles are properly insured before leaving for a campground or other recreational area. Carrying your own insurance is the best way to protect yourself from financial loss if your RV or other recreational vehicles are damaged in any way. The agents at Ruddy Insurance Group will ensure that you are fully covered.

Who Is At Fault?

In Ohio, the person at fault is liable for any damages they may cause or injuries a person may receive during an accident. Even if the accident occurs on campground property, the at-fault driver’s insurance will be required to pay for the damages to your RV and any injuries that resulted from the accident. In some cases, the police or an insurance investigator may have to be called in to determine who is at-fault and responsible for the repairs.

Is the Campground Liable?

Depending on the circumstances, the campground may also share a portion of the liability. If your RV is parked and it is damaged by falling trees or debris, the campground will be liable. If it can be proven that the campground created a situation in which the accident that occurred was unpreventable, their insurance will also be held responsible.

The agents at Ruddy Insurance Group provide the residents of Niles, OH with the highest quality RV insurance possible. If an accident occurs, the agents will always be there to help sort out who is at fault as well as what caused the accident. Call the agents at your earliest convenience to find out if your RVs and recreational vehicles are properly insured.