Things to Consider When Purchasing Snowmobile Insurance

You’ve just obtained a snowmobile and can’t wait to hit the trail. You’ve invested in the snowmobile, riding gear, and accessories. Protect your investment with sufficient insurance. Whether you’re renting a sled or you own one, here are things to consider before obtaining insurance. If you are renting, you will most likely have to purchase your insurance through the rental agency. The agents at Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH, want to help you obtain the appropriate coverage for your snowmobile adventures.

Know exactly what your homeowner’s policy covers if anything. If your sled is covered, coverage may end as soon as you exit your property. The make, model, and age of your sled all factor into your snowmobile insurance rate. The insurance provider will also consider your driving history. Other considerations include the driving record of other people who use the snowmobile. The locations where you ride also help determine your rates. Ohio requires a valid driver’s license to operate a snowmobile. Be aware, some trail parks, and some states, require snowmobile riders to have insurance.

If you transport your snowmobile to your riding spot, you may want coverage when your snowmobile is on your trailer. Storage is another aspect to consider. Where do you store your snowmobile? Whether you keep it in the same place all year or store it somewhere else during the warmer months may make a difference to the insurance provider. If you know you only use your snowmobile during certain months, we may be able to find a policy that adjusts for that situation. 

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