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Auto Insurance

Cheaper is not always better

Auto Liability is the heart and soul of the insurance contract. Positioning a client with the proper liability with today’s changing world is most important when considering auto insurance. It provided the protection a person needs if they were to damage the property or the other party in an accident. Too many times we see insufficient coverage and that only creates stress and problems with insuring parties.  We are able to customize a policy that fits every need and every stage of your life.

Life Insurance

Helping you plan for the unexpected.

Life events trigger the need for Life insurance. It is our agency philosophy that everyone needs life insurance in one form or another. Life insurance protects for the “what if” in life. Certain clients may need life insurance to provide for debt protection in the case of a loss. Other clients can use Life insurance as a plan for their retirement planning as well as estate taxation planning. Although our agency would like to be able to say we have never lost a client due to death, and had to help the surviving family with advice and council, we cannot. We have seen many things in our agencies lifetime, and life insurance is quite possibly the most rewarding protection we can offer.

House Votes To Repeal Health Law

July 12--WASHINGTON -- The House voted Wednesday to repeal President Barack Obama's signature health care law, but don't cancel your medical appointments just yet.

Republicans have tried some 30 times to repeal all or part of the law since it passed in 2010, providing sweeping changes to the American health care system.

Wednesday's attempt is as doomed in the Democrat-controlled Senate as its predecessors.

Voters: Health Reform Law Means Tax Hike

Most U.S. voters say the healthcare law amounts to a tax increase, but more voters back the Supreme Court decision on the law than oppose it, a poll shows.

Asked if they believe the Affordable Care Act "is in effect a tax hike," 55 percent of voters responded that it is while 36 percent said it is not, the Quinnipiac University poll found.

The poll also found 48 percent of respondents agreed with the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding key provisions of the law, while 45 percent said they disagreed with the decision. However, 49 percent said Congress should repeal the law, while 43 percent said it should not be repealed.

Severe Weather Insurance Losses Near $2B In June

CHICAGO, July 10 -- Aon Benfield, a subsidiary of Aon, issued the following news release:

Aon Benfield, the global reinsurance intermediary and capital advisor of Aon plc (NYSE:AON), today releases the latest edition of its Global Catastrophe Recap report, which reviews the natural disaster perils that occurred worldwide during June.