Five Reasons to Buy an RV

Have you ever considered buying an RV, hitting the highway, and exploring the beauty and diversity of the United States? If so, before buying, consider these five reasons to buy an RV offered by the insurance professionals at Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH:

An RV Offers Tremendous Flexibility

When you vacation in an RV, freedom is always an option because you don’t have to worry about finding a hotel or a rigid itinerary. This allows you to explore new places, forgetting about check-in/check-out times.

You Can Bring Along All Members of the Family

An RV vacation allows you to avoid the expense of a pet hotel while allowing the family to travel together. If you take your furry family member, consider where they will sleep and how to manage them when you engage in none pet-friendly activities.

It Has All the Comforts of Home

With an RV, your travel and sleeping arrangements offer all the comforts of home – and you can take along any size bottle of shampoo!

It Can Be Cost Effective

RVs are budget-friendly as they avoid hotel fees and the need to eat each meal out. Plus, you can likely eat healthier when cooking your own food.

You Can Take Along Other Toys on Vacation

An RV allows you to hitch a trailer with your favorite toys – a boat, four-wheeler, etc. If you tow your car, you can easily navigate cities and towns to restock food supplies.

For information on protecting your RV, the insurance specialists at Ruddy Insurance Group are ready to help if you live or work in the Niles, OH area. Give us a call at 330-652-0202 or reach out online.

Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast in Niles, OH? Everyone loves to ride, but sometimes you can’t control the weather. As responsible motorists, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety when unexcepted weather conditions arrive. Ruddy Insurance Group is an insurance agency that wants to share some essential tips for driving your motorcycle in the rain. Follow these tips to reduce the chances of an accident.

Best Practices For Driving A Motorcycle In The Rain

Every rider, regardless of experience level, should follow these safety tips when it rains. Before getting on the road, check your tires to ensure they’re the correct tread depth. Compromised tires can make it easier for your motorcycle to hydroplane on wet surfaces.

  • Decrease speed– It’s essential to bring your riding speed down as the visibility worsens. It can be more challenging for other drivers to see motorcycles when it rains.
  • Avoid hard turning– Jerking the motorcycle hard, either way, can cause you to lose control.
  • Wear the right gear– Waterproof jackets and bright colors are critical for riding in the rain. A waterproof jacket will help keep you dry and prevent your body from getting too cold. Wearing bright colors can improve your visibility to other drivers on the road.
  • Maintain a safe distance– Increase the distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Wet roads often result in longer braking distances. Giving yourself ample space can prevent accidents caused by sudden stops.

Call Ruddy Insurance Group For A Motorcycle Insurance Policy In Niles, OH

At Ruddy Insurance Group, we’re here to ensure you have the right policy for your motorcycle. Don’t hesitate to call today to get an estimate or if you have questions. The safety of every client is always our main priority.


Common Perils that Affect Boats

While boat insurance is not required for people living in Niles, OH, your lender may require you to obtain a policy when there is an outstanding lien on your vessel. Even when your watercraft is paid off, indemnifying your investment can protect you against out-of-pocket expenses that may occur. 

Your boat can suffer loss while parked on your property due to weather events, for example, that create high winds and hurl projectiles at great speed. Falling tree branches may also cause problems, and these can also affect expensive accessories or custom features. Hail may dent the body of the vessel or can break the windshield and other vulnerable components. 

While in storage, a boat can be susceptible to burning if the building housing it catches fire. Subsequently, water damage can also be incurred through efforts to put out the flames. They may also develop rot or molding issues while kept indoors. 

It cannot be assumed that homeowners insurance will automatically extend to a boat kept at home, and your Ruddy Insurance Group representative can provide more information on what would be covered. 

Boats may be involved in traffic accidents when being transported over land. In addition, they can be wrecked while out at sea, and it is your responsibility to make provision for any repairs or medical costs another party may need as a result if you are at fault. Passengers can slip or fall while sailing, and these injuries may require attention from a professional. 

Ruddy Insurance Group Can Help

We pride ourselves on providing quality insurance packages to meet the needs of our Niles, OH clients. Contact us online or by phone today, or feel free to stop at the office to discuss your situation in detail. 

Car Insurance 101 – Eight Terms you Need to Know

Understanding insurance concepts or terms is a smart way to ensure you select the right coverage, find the most cost-effective policies, and avoid surprises. The insurance professionals at Ruddy Insurance Group can help you understand the available ways to protect your family and home in and around the greater Niles, OH, area.


A premium is the ongoing cost of maintaining the insurance policy and coverage.


The dollar amount the policyholder pays before the insurance company pays for related damages.  

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance pays for damages that may be caused by an accident if it results in someone’s injury or damage to their property.  

Comprehensive Coverage

This insurance protection will cover the cost to repair a car after it collides with an animal or various non-collision events, which include –

  • Car theft.
  • Falling objects.
  • Fire and more.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance reimburses the insured for repair expenses of the insured vehicle if the insured causes a crash or is responsible for a one-car accident.

Additional Insured

This refers to the other family members covered under the policyholder’s insurance.  

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

This refers to the coverage available for medical expenses & lost wages for the driver and passengers in an accident.  

Insurance Claim

A payment request to the insurance company for medical costs or vehicle repairs.  

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Insurance offers adequate protection. Understanding the terms related to insurance simplifies the process and helps you get the coverage you need. The insurance professionals at Ruddy insurance group are ready to help if you live or work in the Niles, OH area. Give us a call at 330-652-0202 or reach out online.

The Role of Estate Planning in Life Insurance

Estate planning and life insurance often go hand in hand. One involves the distribution of assets after a person’s death, and the other is about providing a financial safety net for loved ones in the event of the policyholder’s passing. While they are often referred to in the same breath, they have slightly different purposes, and it’s essential to understand the role life insurance plays in estate planning.

Estate Planning and Life Insurance

Estate planning and life insurance protect your family and loved ones when you are no longer with them. Together, they secure your financial future and guarantee your assets will be distributed how you want. Therefore, you should ensure your life insurance policy and estate planning match up properly. 

Protect Your Assets and Your Loved Ones’ Financial Futures 

Your goal during estate planning is to put together a process of managing your assets in life and their distribution in death. Once it is cemented, you can use life insurance to fill in the gaps. You want a sum of money available to your loved ones to cover outstanding debts, funeral costs, and, if you have dependents, to help with their living costs. If you’re no longer here, the last thing you want is for the people relying on you financially to encounter financial hardship. 

Expert Service at Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH 

At Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH, our experienced agents can navigate you through this process, from choosing a life insurance plan to adjusting it over the years. We understand the role that estate planning plays in life insurance, and our focus is always on putting your needs first. 

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How to Detect Water Leaks in Your Home

At Ruddy Insurance Group, providing homeowners in the greater Niles, OH region with homeowners insurance, we have seen many types of damage done to a home. Water can be one of the most damaging things to a home. Hidden leaks can increase your water bill, cause significant damage to a home, and lead to mold growth. As such, you want to take steps to check for water leaks in your home. Here are a few of the ways you can do that. 

Check Your Water Meter

One of the best ways to check for hidden water leaks in your home is to turn off all the faucets in your home and ensure no water appliances are being used. Then check the number on your water meter and watch the meter. If the number increases when you know water is not being used in your home, you have a leak somewhere. 

Watch Your Water Bill For Increases

Another fundamental way to detect water leaks in your home is to monitor your water bill closely. If your water bill has unexpectedly increased and you have not been using extra water or had extra guests in your home, you may have a water leak. Hiring a plumber to do a plumbing inspection is the best way to look for and find a leak in your home. 

A water leak in your home can be costly and lead to severe damage. Unfortunately, you may be unable to find and prevent all water leaks. This is where home insurance can be beneficial. Here at Ruddy Insurance Group, serving the greater Niles, OH area, our insurance agents can work with you to ensure your home and belongings are fully covered in an emergency. Contact us today, and let us help you find the best policy for your needs. 

Protect Yourself From Liability With Snowmobile Insurance in Niles, OH

Snowmobiling on the beautiful lakes, trails, and forests of Niles, OH, is an experience like no other. But before you hit the slopes, you must ensure you are adequately insured. Learn why snowmobile insurance is essential for protecting your assets and providing a safe ride and how the Ruddy Insurance Group can help. 

Protect Your Assets With Comprehensive Coverage 

Comprehensive coverage helps to protect your assets by helping cover the cost of repairs or medical bills if you cause property damage or bodily injury while riding your snowmobile. The coverage can also reimburse lost wages and medical expenses if injured while riding. Whether your snowmobile is damaged due to an accident or theft, comprehensive coverage will help keep it running smoothly and ensure that it is replaced quickly should it be totaled. 

Additional Benefits Of Snowmobile Insurance 

Snowmobile insurance also provides additional benefits such as coverage for personal effects (clothing, helmets, goggles, etc.), uninsured motorist protection (in case another rider injures you), and roadside assistance in case of a flat tire or breakdown. Additionally, many policies offer discounts for having multiple vehicles insured under the same policy and discounts for safety courses taken.  

At Ruddy Insurance Group, we understand the importance of protecting yourself from financial losses caused by unexpected events on the road or trail. Our experienced agents will work with you to find the best policy that fits your needs and budget so that you can enjoy every minute of your ride with peace of mind knowing that you are secure against any potential liabilities. Contact us today to get started! 

Protect yourself from liability with snowmobile insurance from Ruddy Insurance Group today!

Boat Insurance Coverage Options

Unlike auto insurance, boat insurance is not required in most states, and Ohio is no exception. Even though you do not have to secure boat insurance, having some level of protection from a boat insurance policy is a good idea.

Boat Insurance Coverage Options

The agents from the Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH want you to know about the different coverage options available regarding boat insurance policies.

Liability Boat Insurance

Similar to auto liability insurance, boat liability insurance will cover any damage caused in an accident to someone else’s property or injuries they may sustain in an accident deemed to be your fault. This liability coverage can also cover the passengers on your boat or the other person’s boat.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

Whether you paid cash for your boat or borrowed the money to purchase your boat, comprehensive and collision insurance are two types of coverage options you will want to have to protect the investment you made in your boat. Comprehensive insurance will cover your boat if a fire or natural disaster damages it. Collision insurance will help you out if you collide with another boat or a stationary object. For example, if your boat hits someone’s dock and causes damage, your collision insurance will help you pay for those damages.

Contact Us

Before winter ends and spring is upon us, contact the agents at the Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH to create a boat insurance policy that works well for you and your situation. Call today to start your policy so you can have the peace of mind you deserve this summer while relaxing on your boat!

Make Sure Your Loved Ones are Financially Secure with a Life Insurance Policy

Do you ever wonder if your family would be financially secure in the event of your passing? The Ruddy Insurance Group, which serves the area in and around Niles, OH, could help.

The death benefits your loved ones would receive can help pay off the mortgage, debts, and final expenses.

Life insurance is for everyone. If you think you are too young to need it, think again. Accidents and illnesses can occur to anyone at any time.

There are two kinds of life insurance: term and permanent. With term life, you pay a certain premium for a defined amount of time, for example, ten years. If you pass within that time, the death benefit amount is paid to your beneficiaries. But when the term ends, you must get a new policy. A permanent or whole-life policy lasts your entire life.

Benefits of term life:

  • Lower cost
  • Easy to understand
  • It can be converted into whole
  • If you no longer want it, you can discontinue it without losing anything other than the premiums you have already paid

Benefits of whole life:

  • It is permanent life insurance
  • It has a savings element, or cash value element that you can borrow against or withdraw
  • Can provide estate planning benefits that have tax advantages

Typically, it is best to purchase life insurance when you are young and healthy. The rates will be lower because:

  • Longer life expectancy
  • Less likely to have a severe disease
  • Premiums will likely be paid for more years

Don’t leave your loved ones wanting. The death benefit that a life insurance policy could provide will help your family at a time when they need it. Ruddy Insurance Group can give you a no-obligation quote and answer any questions. Contact our team today. You will be glad you did.

Making your Ohio home safer

Home safety is a vital concern for most homeowners. Many accidents happen in the home, most of which are avoidable by taking a few simple steps. At Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. As independent insurance agents, we can provide more choices and work hard for our customers to ensure we find the right policy for them. 

Password your internet network

To keep your private information private, it is essential that your internet network has a password so that strangers cannot hack into your network. Choosing a strong password that you don’t use anywhere else is safest. 

Install a home security system

Many options are available for home security. Many are DIY and affordable, or you can opt for an installed system that is monitored. It can be as simple as a doorbell camera and motion detector lights, or you can have all your windows and doors alarmed. 

Use your door and window locks.

To keep your home safe, use the locks with your windows and the deadbolt on your door. Special lock bars can be used to secure patio doors. 

Protect against fire

Fire is a risk for any home, and there are several things that you can do to help keep your home safe from this hazard. First, make sure that you have smoke detectors on every floor. An annual chimney and furnace cleaning can help as well. 

Clean up fall hazards

One of the most significant risks to safety in the home is falls. Keep hallways and stairs clear of obstacles, cover extension cords, avoid throw rugs, and always have a spotter if you must climb a ladder. 

Contact Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH if you are looking for a new home insurance policy.