Factors To Consider When Shopping For RV Insurance

So, you have finally purchased the recreational vehicle that you have been dreaming about. The next step for you will be to insure your precious possession to protect it from the unexpected. However, before you get a certain RV insurance policy, there are certain things you need to consider: 

Type of a Vehicle

There are three types of RV: Class A, B, C. Class A are the large mobile homes that are usually the most expensive to insure. Class B is very similar to a standard automobile and is often called a camper van. Class C is a medium-sized hybrid – something between a camper and a car.  It is important to know that type of your RV because it is one of the factors affecting your insurance cost. 

The Way You Use Your RV

Do you use it as a vehicle for traveling several times a year, or do you live in it full-time? If your RV is your actual home, then you may need to get liability insurance that covers the incidents that standard home insurance does. Liability insurance includes protection if someone is injured in your RV or if your personal belongings are destroyed by fire. 

The Age and Condition of Your RV 

It is essential to know that insurance for the same RV model will be different depending on the age and condition of the recreational vehicle. For example, the older your RV is, the less you have to pay for insurance. 

Finding the right coverage for your mobile home is not the most straightforward task – there are many things and factors to consider. However, if you are from Niles, OH, or any other surrounding area, Ruddy Insurance Group is ready to assist you and help you to make the most informed decision. Give Ruddy Insurance Group a call today to figure out how we can help to protect your house on wheels. 

Does Ohio Require a Motorcycle Safety Course to Get an Endorsement?

Motorcyclists who live in the Niles, OH area need to follow the state-mandated requirements when applying for a motorcycle license. One of these requirements is applying for your permit, and another is completing an approved Motorcycle Safety Course. In many states, motorcycle rights organizations or state licensing branches will offer these courses for a fee. The agents at Ruddy Insurance Group can help.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Safety Course

If you are looking for a motorcycle safety course that you can use to obtain your motorcycle permit, you have to find one that is approved by the state. These types of courses are proven to provide you with the knowledge you need to ride your motorcycle safely in a variety of conditions. It will also test your understanding of the laws that you will have to abide by when you are riding.  

Getting Your Permit

When you apply for your motorcycle permit, you will get an abundance of information that you can use to become a safe and reliable rider. Once you have your permit, you will have a specific amount of time, normally six months, to complete your motorcycle safety course. As soon as you have completed the required steps, you can apply for your motorcycle license.

At Ruddy Insurance Group, agents are available to help Niles, OH residents work their way through the steps they need to take to get their motorcycle license. If you have questions about an approved motorcycle safety class, call and talk to an agent as soon as possible. They can help you get the process started and make sure you have everything you need before you hit the road on two wheels.

Why do I need boat insurance in Ohio?

Anyone that lives in the Niles, OH area knows how long and hot the summer months of the year can be. To make this time of the year more enjoyable, owning a boat can be a great idea. If you do own a boat in this area, you must be safe and responsible. One part of this is getting a boat insurance policy. There are several reasons why you may need this coverage here. 

Ensures Local Compliance

One reason why you may need to get a boat insurance policy is that it can ensure you stay in compliance with local rules. Depending on where in the area you want to use the boat, you could be subject to rules regarding liability insurance. When you get this coverage, you will have the protection you need to use your boat anywhere. 

Required by Boat Lender

If you get a boat, there is a good chance that you will need to take out a loan to purchase it. If you do have a loan, the lender will likely require that you carry a boat insurance policy the whole time until you repay the full balance. When you have a boat insurance policy, it will help to ensure that the lender’s collateral is fully protected. 

When you own or operate a boat in the Niles, OH area, getting a boat insurance policy is often a requirement and necessity. As you are shopping for insurance, you could find that picking the right policy is challenging. To make this easier, you should contact the Ruddy Insurance Group. When you do call the Ruddy Insurance Group for your boat insurance needs, it can help to ensure that your boat is adequately covered and that you are in full compliance with all obligations. 

Do I need auto insurance in Ohio?

When you own a vehicle that you drive, you may have questions about auto insurance, especially if you are a new driver or have just bought your first vehicle. If you are a resident of Niles, OH, you may have wondered, "Do I need auto Insurance"?  At the Ruddy Insurance Group, we have years of insurance experience, and our focus is superior customer service. We are independent agents, which means we can offer you insurance products from the top carriers in the business, and we can offer the affordability you are looking for. 

In Niles, OH, and all over the state of Ohio, you are mandated by law to carry liability insurance on your vehicle. You must carry at least $25,000 bodily damage per person and a total of $50,000 per accident. You must also have an additional $25,000 in property damage. This is the bare minimum that you must carry, and it doesn’t mean that it is the right amount for you if you have assets. If you have a loan on your vehicle, your lender will require that you carry additional insurance. Collision and comprehensive both protect the vehicle itself in the event you are fully or partially at fault. 

Once your loan is paid off, you are not required to carry collision and comprehensive insurance. Just because it is not a requirement, it doesn’t mean that you should let it lapse. If you are like most people, you depend on your vehicle, and unless you have plenty of money to pay for repairs or replacement, it can be a real hardship to have to pay these expenses on your own. 

When you are ready to sit down and discuss your auto insurance needs, Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH is ready and waiting to help you out. Give us a call or stop by our office and let us find the right coverage for you. 

Do Young Couples Need Life Insurance?

Although many would prefer to avoid discussing life insurance, it is a vital tool to help protect those who are most important. A misconception that many have is that if you are a young couple, life insurance may not be beneficial. This is actually untrue, and having the right type of life insurance in place could lessen the impact should you pass unexpectedly. 

Protecting the Future

Life insurance is all about protecting those who are important in the event of your untimely passing. This can mean a solid layer of protection and support to those loved ones you leave behind and reduce the burden from any impacts that result directly after and in the future. To discover what types of insurance policy would work best for a situation, work with a licensed life insurance agent, and begin protecting those you care about.

Working With a Life Insurance Agent

Life insurance agents are trained to help clients identify current and future needs and cover those needs with a life insurance policy that is high quality and dependable. If you live near the Youngstown or Niles, OH area, you can count on the agents at Ruddy Insurance Group to walk you through the process and help you get the coverage you and your loved ones can depend on during a difficult time. Additionally, we can walk you through the entire process and assist beneficiaries with any future claims.  

Protect those who are most important by purchasing quality life insurance products. If you are a resident of the Youngstown or Niles, OH area and have questions about life insurance, call or stop by the office of Ruddy Insurance Group and speak with one of their skilled agents today.

3 Things to Know About Home Security Systems

Home security systems are a great choice for homeowners and renters who want to protect their home and family from intruders and other unexpected events. Systems range from very basic to extremely complicated. At Ruddy Insurance Group, agents offer Niles, OH residents advice on how home security systems can benefit them in terms of both insurance and energy efficiency.

You Get What You Pay For

Surveillance cameras can start as low as $80 if you can find them on sale. Some of the more basic systems cost around $100 to start, while professionally monitored systems with all the bells and whistles can cost you well over $3,000 plus installation costs. Systems that are monitored professionally require contracts and monthly fees. 

DIY Systems Are Extremely Efficient

Many people opt for DIY systems because of their affordability. A do-it-yourself system means that you are in charge of the installation, monitoring, and moving of your system if you choose to sell your home. In most cases, monitoring is easy because it can be performed through an app that you download to your smartphone or other electronic devices. 

Home Automation and Energy Efficiency

Many of the more advanced systems offer home automation. When a home is fully automated, you can adjust your thermostat and control your lights through an app when you are not at home. 

Residents in the Niles, OH area can discuss the different home security options with an agent from Ruddy Insurance Group. Being fully informed about the benefits and advantages of having a home security system will help you choose which system not only fits your budget but allows you the best possible security. Call the agents at Ruddy Insurance Group today to find out how a home security system will affect your insurance.

What Basic Snowmobile Insurance Covers

Are you planning to get snowmobile insurance in the near future? You may be surprised to know that there are some differences from getting regular auto insurance. An established agency like the Ruddy Insurance Group in Niles, OH can assist you with such matters.

Snowmobile Insurance Considerations

In the state of Ohio, a snowmobile is considered in a different class from other types of motor vehicles. This means it’s subject to a different kind of insurance. Since it’s said to be a specialty vehicle, it’s best to discuss your particular needs with an insurance agent.

Important Notes for Motorsport Vehicle Insurance

There are some things to keep in mind to make sure you’ll get a better deal on your insurance costs. For one, you should keep your driving record as clean as possible because it will make the rates higher in most instances. Also, you can bundle insurance if you have more than one specialty vehicle on your policy. When it comes to choosing a snowmobile, it’s best to look into the models that are said to be more aggressive and cost more to insure.

Common Coverage for Snowmobile Insurance

There are a few common areas of coverage for this type of insurance. Collision coverage pays for any damages that are covered if you happen to get in a collision with another object or vehicle. Bodily injury liability coverage insures if you injure or kill another person while you’re operating your vehicle, possibly including the costs of getting legal defense. Property damage liability coverage is for the damages to another person’s property while you’re operating your snowmobile, as well as the possibility of coverage for legal defense. Comprehensive physical damage coverage is for covered losses that result from other kinds of incidents like theft and fire. 

Seek Help with Getting the Right Insurance

Talk to a representative at Ruddy Insurance Group today about getting snowmobile insurance. You owe it to yourself to go through a dependable agency in the Niles, OH area.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Sinking?

A boat owner will face a variety of threats over time, such as theft and fire, but one of the top issues to concern them is their boat sinking. Luckily, boat insurance is tailored to cover the most common threats to help give the boat owner peace of mind.

Don’t Risk Loss From Sinking

Boats can sink for several reasons, which is a concern for all sizes. Most boat insurance policies cover the possibility of it sinking, but offer a range of different provisions for what is included. In most cases, the hull and the motor is covered, but any personal belongings or additions may require policy add-ons to give complete protection. The best way to get full protection is to work with an insurance agent who can offer solutions to meet individual needs.

Work With An Established Professional

Boat insurance should be purchased with the help of an experienced insurance professional who can explain the coverage details and offer additional policy add-ons to meet specific needs. Because of this, a boat owner can get the blanket of protection necessary to avoid losses and gaps in coverage. Boat owners living in the Niles, OH area should speak with an insurance agent at Ruddy Insurance Group to get more information about available boat coverage options in their area. 

Boats are one of the most costly purchases someone will make in their lifetime. In some instances, their value can exceed the value of their car or even the home. Get top-quality insurance protection for those living around the Niles, OH area by working with Ruddy Insurance Group, and call or stop by for a consultation. 

5 Essentials of Car Insurance

When considering the 5 essentials of car insurance in Ohio, you might just want to meet the minimum liability requirements. On the other hand, you may wonder if the minimum insurance mandated by law will fully cover accident expenses. It’s up to you to decide what to include in your policy. Still, Ruddy Insurance Group of Niles, OH recommends five auto insurance coverage essentials even if not all are required by the state of Ohio.

1. Liability

Bodily injury/death coverage of at least $25,000 for one person or $50,000 for more than one person will satisfy Ohio requirements. You also need a minimum of $25,000 property damage coverage according to this state’s mandatory insurance laws. It covers the costs of damages and injuries to others but not for you.

2. Comprehensive

This coverage provides you peace of mind in case of unexpected weather or other causes of damage besides a vehicle crash. You can ask about a variety of other scenarios (i.e. winding roads, theft, and vandalism, or animal accidents) to make sure all your protection needs are met.

3. Collision

This could save you from shelling out money you may not have for a new vehicle. It also can possibly provide you funds for repairable auto damages. This extends beyond what basic liability insurance offers.

4. Underinsured/uninsured motorist

It never hurts to make sure you can pay for damages in case someone else does not have insurance. This kind of coverage also prevents unpleasant surprises associated with finding out another driver does not have enough insurance.

5. Personal injury/medical

Hopefully, you would not need this after an accident, but you have the option of adding it to your policy. It could pay for any injuries you have, and it could cover some post-accident medical costs. It pays more for you rather than just for people in the other vehicle(s) involved in an accident.

You may need more information about specific policy inclusions. Ruddy Insurance can answer all your questions about auto insurance in Niles, OH. Contact us anytime to find auto coverage that works for you.

3 Tips for Buying Life Insurance in Ohio

Life insurance is something that everyone should have. Why? Because this policy will help take care of things after you pass. For example, your burial expenses and debts can be paid; your family can have extra income to help them financially; and the money can even be used to pay for your kid’s college tuition, wedding, or whatever is needed. If you don’t already have a life insurance policy in Niles, OH, you’re thinking about acquiring a new one, or you want to add to an existing one, here are three tips to help you choose the right policy and save money in the process.

1. Work with a Reputable Agent

To guarantee you purchase the right life insurance policy for you or another family member, work with a reputable agent who will help guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision. The agents at Ruddy Insurance Group are standing by to answer all your questions and concerns about this type of policy.

2. Compare Several Quotes

A reputable agent will help you compare several life insurance quotes from different insurance companies. They will go over the fine detail of each to make sure you understand what each policy offers and at what price.

3. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Did you know you can bundle your life insurance policy with other insurance policies to save money on your premiums? It’s true, and a reputable agent will help you maximize these savings.

To learn more about life insurance, contact the team at Ruddy Insurance Group, serving the Niles, OH area today. Our team will help you find the right policy at a price within your budget.