Why All Renters Need Renters’ Insurance

When you are a renter, it’s essential to protect yourself with renters’ insurance. This type of insurance policy provides several different types of coverage within it to protect you from several possible risks. With this insurance in place, you will also have better peace of mind because you know you’re protected. Most landlords today require this insurance, so you’ll likely have to get a policy. If you need a renters’ policy in Niles, OH, call us today at Ruddy Insurance Group.

Liability Protection

One of the ways that renters’ insurance protects you is by covering your liability as the renter of the property. You have liability on the property because you rent it and are responsible for what goes on there. You are likely liable for an accident that happens to anyone who enters your property and experiences an accident there. When you have renters’ insurance, the policy will pay for the resulting bills from the accident. This can save you thousands on paying for lost wages and medical bills. 

Possessions Protection

Another type of coverage you get from these policies is protection for all your belongings inside your home. With this protection, a significant event that destroys your things doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Instead of spending thousands on replacing it, your policy will pay for the replacements. You are vulnerable to many damaging events if you don’t have this coverage. This coverage means you’ll have peace of mind because you are well-protected against these events. 

Get A Renters’ Insurance Policy

When you rent, you need to be protected. To get your renters’ policy in Niles, OH, you can call us at Ruddy Insurance Group.