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Business Insurance / Commercial Insurance

Protection for all types of business.

As with all insurance the proper policy and proper planning to avoid gaps or voids in coverage is our primary goal. An individual’s business is their means of income. We understand that a loss can sometimes trigger lifestyle changes that may seem impossible. It is essential to construct a policy that covers the most basic and sometimes unthought-of coverage’s to prevent these lifestyle changes.

We have a unique opportunity with  our Commercial Insurance provider. Our agency is offered premium underwriting from small contractor policies (landscaping, carpentry etc.) to larger companies that deal in larger projects (excavators, honey dippers etc.) Our coverage exposure is comprehensive with the ability to offer high liability limits, business auto, property coverage and coverage for tools. Each occupation presents additional areas where important recommendations and resources of our agency benefit our clients such as offering Bonds, and Certificates of Liability to save time and energy of our insured’s.

Any business owner should be aware of the potential losses they may incur, whether it is a liability exposure or potential loss to inventory, buildings, or equipment. We carefully assess each client’s situation and offer all available advice to insure him or her properly.

It's always a good idea to get a second look at your existing business or commercial policy.