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Financial Services

Sometimes, it's okay to put your eggs in one basket

Because of the state of our economy, this area in an individual’s life has to be constantly monitored. Many companies/brokers offer products to prevent unnecessary taxation and expense to their client. Having the ability to provide answers to questions and the platform that Nationwide offers our agency sets us apart from the competition. Because we strive to understand our client’s needs from their auto, home, life, and health gives us information to advise properly.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is exhausting and can be confusing.

More change have taken place in the Health insurance industry than any other lines of insurance. With the differences that exist between group and individual insurance and Medicare, it is important to have an advisor that is well rounded with the ever-changing industry and providers.

Business Insurance / Commercial Insurance

Protection for all types of business.

As with all insurance the proper policy and proper planning to avoid gaps or voids in coverage is our primary goal. An individual’s business is their means of income. We understand that a loss can sometimes trigger lifestyle changes that may seem impossible. It is essential to construct a policy that covers the most basic and sometimes unthought-of coverage’s to prevent these lifestyle changes.

Life Insurance

Helping you plan for the unexpected.

Life events trigger the need for Life insurance. It is our agency philosophy that everyone needs life insurance in one form or another. Life insurance protects for the “what if” in life. Certain clients may need life insurance to provide for debt protection in the case of a loss. Other clients can use Life insurance as a plan for their retirement planning as well as estate taxation planning. Although our agency would like to be able to say we have never lost a client due to death, and had to help the surviving family with advice and council, we cannot. We have seen many things in our agencies lifetime, and life insurance is quite possibly the most rewarding protection we can offer.

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